Comments I made on the Apple boards…

Here are some of the comments I made on the Apple support boards today:


I’ve been bricked for over four hours.
Download went fine.
Backup went fine.
Restore went fine.

Activate the phone by connecting to the Apple mother ship…major problem.
Can’t get a response from the server, so I have an expensive paperweight.

Apple does need to compensate its existing customer base for this screw up.


This is a pretty cut and dried customer service issue that Apple has dropped the ball on and handled poorly.

Expecting lousy customer service doesn’t justify it.

Just moved the sim to my old phone, so I’m not dead in the water like those who put all their faith in Apple.  I’ll move it back an try connecting later tonight or tomorrow.


This is still a bad customer service scenario for Apple.  They are literally telling their customers to go back to their old phones.  Some of them might learn that they really can live without their iPhones.

Their marketing team will try to spin this as a major success. Something about the “overwhelming demand” for their new software.  At the same time, they need to try and brush a very large number of extremely annoyed customers under the rug and away from the public eye.


Back to the Razr

After 5 hours of iPhone brickland, I put the sim in my old Razr.

I’ll try accessing the overloaded Apple servers later.

Not good

My iphone is backed up, upgraded, and dead in the water.

iTunes has to connect to the mothership to reactivate the phone.  Apparently Apple screwed the pooch in providing enough bandwidth/server access to support the upgrade rush.

No connection to Apple = dead iphone.

So, until the rush dies down, or Apple IT provides more server access, my phone is a paperweight.

Taking the plunge

I’ve downloaded the 2.0 iPhone firmware.  Currently in the process of installing it.  I’ll post a report on it later today.