Hackers target Apple products

One of the costs of success is being a target.

Apple users are used to making fun of the security holes in Windows products.  The Apple OS has its own security holes, but it was such a small section of the market, they were not worth hacking.

That is changing as Apple’s market share grows. This includes the iPhone, which has the security lite browser Safari loaded by default (I’m not holding my breath for Firefox on the iPhone).

The word from DefCon is that Apple devices are now being targeted more and more hackers.

Welcome to the real word Apple users.


Search Engines

There have been two new search engines that have caught my eye recently.  One good, the other not so good.

First, the good.  Searchme.com.  They did a slick job in finding a new way to present pages in an eye catching way. The results it returns are useful and relevant as well.

On the not so good side, the over hyped cuil. To start with, I’m not really thrilled with the search results.

Then then there was the “coding slip” that flooded its search results with porn.

Third strike, the buzz is that “ego searches” for key VC investors and tech pundits produced the “best” results. Hand coded? Perhaps, it is an interesting exception to their otherwise lack luster search results.

Searchme.com is the clear winner here.