Palm Treo Pro is out.

The Palm Treo Pro has been announced. Currently only with the overly complex WinCE decended Microsoft OS.

New iPhone firmware

Version 2.1 is coming out on Friday.  Based on the really lousy way Apple handled the last upgrade, I won’t touch it until next week.

The hot tech gadget…

is the old Rev 1 Apple iPhone.   Tech consumers are spend up to $600 for a 16 Gig Rev 1 iPhone according to, a seller of used iPhones. That is $100 more than they sold for new! Even the 8 Gig iPhones are selling for the same $100 markup.

One of the main reasons given for the demand for the rev1 phones is that they are easier to unlock than the rev 2 3G iPhones.  An unlocked (i.e. hacked) iPhone can be used on other networks than AT&T.