Medical sensor chip in development

First customers would be US military personnel.  From the MIT Tech Review:

The majority of deaths on the battlefield occur within half an hour after injury–often too quickly for a soldier to get to a medic, let alone a hospital. But a collaboration between researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and Clarkson University, in New York, aims to change all that with a chip that could detect injuries and treat them almost instantly.

“We want to build a smart, intelligent sensor that can distinguish between different injuries, make the decision to treat, and, once it recognizes the injury, treat appropriately,”


One Response

  1. One of the more interesting things about new technologies, is how they effect outcomes in unusual ways – for instance, we can thank body armor for the return of the tourniquet in a big way on the battle field. Why? Because most battle field deaths aren’t due to massive trauma to the torso, but rather exsanguination of the limbs.. There’s even increase focus on saving limbs from the likes of gangrene because of it.. Blackwater just came out with a new uniform with built in tourniquets..

    Amazing, isn’t it?

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