About those jetpacks

I recently posted about flying cars and the question of where our 21st Century Jet Packs where.

I seems there are several Jet Pack companies out there, including Jet Pack, International, Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana of Mexico, New Zealand’s Martin Jetpack and Thunderbolt Aerosystems, based in San Jose, CA. 

Their products aren’t cheap, the low end ones run about $100,000 with the end end models cost in the $250,000 range. 

Most of their Jet Packs are actually Rocket packs and only can carry about a minute of fuel. So flight ranges are limited.  The Martin JetPack actually uses ducted fans, and claims a 30 minute (at 60 mph) range.  it is a bit big and still in the “barely off the ground” phase from what I can tell.


One Response

  1. Damn.

    Looks like all my cries of “Where’s my damn jetpack? We were promised jetpacks!” snark about “livin’ in teh futures!” is starting to pay off.

    Now the question is, can I afford one, and will I kill myself flying one?

    (the answers, I wager, are “No”, and “Yes”, in that order)

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