Telsa Motors expands its business

Telsa Motors has signed a contract with Daimler to supply the electric power train for Daimler’s Smart mini-car.

A good move for Telsa, since it opens up another revnue stream.

4 Responses

  1. Now if only we could get Diesel Smart cars like they have in Europe. 80MPG would make it the most fuel efficient cars in America..

  2. Many of the diesels sold in Europe can’t be sold in the US. They wouldn’t pass our federal emissions standards.

    Perhaps all those diesel cars is one of the reasons the EU’s rate of carbon emissions is increasing faster than the of the US.

  3. The Daimler’s Smart mini-car actually makes sense for its targeted market, which is built up urban areas (i.e. cities).

    The trips will be short (well within the range of charge), the size makes it easier to park, and they will reduce the amount of emissions in the concrete canyons.

    Reduction of vehicle emissions in crowded cities is what Toyota originally designed their hybrid cars for. The increased mileage was just a side effect of that.

  4. Part of the problem why they don’t meet standards is the current auto(under 8600 GVWR) standards are a one size fits all – both gas and diesel cars have to meet the same standard… Which is tailored to IC engines running on gasoline..

    They’re slowly finding ways to meet it(notably diesel catalytic converters, which MB holds a patent on) which makes the lack of small diesels somewhat baffling.

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