Yet another electric car.

The Aptera looks like it just rolled off a SciFi movie.  It’s three wheeled and streamlined to squeeze every last mile out its 13-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery. A hundred mile range is what they are guaranteeing, and that is with two adults and the AC running.  Even though it has front wheel drive, I wouldn’t want to drive this compact trike in any sort of snow or ice.  I’m probably not the first person to think this, because the initial roll out will in California, followed by Florida and Texas.   The list on this will probably run no less than $30-35K and probably be over $40K.

If it starts flirting with $45K, it will be close to the low end prices of the Tesla Type S, which is an electric luxury sedan. The Aptera is a compact with a big trunk.


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  3. I don’t know how well it will do – historically 3 wheeled cars have not done terribly well in the US.

  4. I don’t think this well sell out side of well to do urban areas that don’t see much snow or ice.

    This “car” is a good example of the shortcuts you have to take to get an electric car with reasonable performance.

    If the price tag on this gets near the cost of a Tesla Sedan, they’re screwed.

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