Dell jumping on the Android Netbook bandwagon?

Microsoft is rushing to get Windows7 out the door. One reason is so they can push it into the netbook market.

Netbook manufacturers have been looking at alternate OS solutions, including Google’s Android (it’s not just for Cell Phones anymore).

The latest rumor is that Dell is working on an Android based netbook

If a major retailer like Dell starts shipping Android on systems, I’m betting that somebody in Microsoft OS sales is going to buying a lot of Malox ™.


2 Responses

  1. I’m amazed none of the hardware manufacturers haven’t embraced popular Linux platforms for low cost hardware – Ubuntu springs to mind. I guess it basically falls to low demand..

  2. Linux still has a “geek” brand in the general market. It’s not seen as easy to use as Microsoft or Apple products. There is some truth in that, as well as a healthy dose of FUAD marketing.

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