New toys

I recently got my nerdy paws a pair of Asus Eee PC netbooks. (Thanks John!)  These are the ones running LINUX off solid state drives.

I’ve got one updating, but the 4 Gig system drive on the other is full, and I’m going to have to find a way to clean that up.

2 Responses

  1. There are a number of ways to increase the Solid state drive size, from installing internal thumb drives, to Super Talents monster 128gig SSD(about 300 bucks)

    Add in some more memory(easy to jump from 512mb to 2gb) and it starts to look like a real laptop..

    Of course, by then it costs as much as fullsize laptop too.

  2. The problem isn’t the amount of storage space, but how it is allocated.

    The 4 gig system partition is full and the 16 gig data partition is mostly unused. I’ll probably repartition the drive for a six or eight gig system drive. It has an SD slot, so that is an easy, fast, and fairly cheap way to add more storage space if I would need it.

    These are the older models with the 8 inch screens, so their main usefulness is in their small size and portability. I’m currently using a flexible, rollup style full keyboard and a small travel mouse with one. It’s still much smaller and lighter than my laptop.

    For short trips, it has the functionality I need. Between Star office and Google Docs, I have most of what I need. I even have Picasa loaded and that covers a lot of the basic photo editing needs. I wrote the latest post to this blog using Star Office and the netbook’s keyboard while flying across country. The thing fits on an airplane tray table with room to spare. I just cut and pasted the post into wordpress when I had an Internet connection.

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