Hulu app for the iPad?

By way of Apple Insider, is this TechCrunch post about Hulu getting around the lack of flash support on the iPad/iPhone/iTouch by creating a dedicated app.

One rumor I’ve heard from an industry insider is that Hulu is working on an iPad-friendly version of its site that should be ready by the time the iPad hits the market. Hulu itself is still vague about its plans.

Hulu is a major source of online videos direct from the content providers (i.e. quality streaming videos instead of hacked, malware ridden stuff), so having it on the iPad will provide a lot of added value. I still hold that the apps customized to take advantage of the iPad will be a major factor in driving sales.

HT to Vodkapundit.


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  3. It is also a glorified Kindle. Why buy the $500 Kindle when you can have an iPad that does a dozen more things as well, and has App access.

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  5. IA, exactly! I make that point in another post.

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