50 Free Apps

Life Hacker listed their favorite 50 free apps.

Not a bad list, but I have to disagree with #29.  I don’t use iTunes because I want to. It’s just the safest way to move data on and off my iPhone, including managing podcasts.  The app itself is kludgey and locks up at the drop of a hat, any hat, anywhere.

There are some apps on the list I use and am quite happy with though.

Chrome, Google Apps, Thunderbird, GIMP, VLC, CCleaner, Skype, 7zip, Pandora, and PuTTy.

Overall a good list, worth checking out.


3 Responses

  1. Sorry — can’t follow your link in Chrome.

    It’s a tough call all around. iTunes isn’t great, but it’s free, and I’d be very interested in seeing how many kids out there are learning Boolean logic from messing with SmartLists.

  2. Fixed the Link. Should work now.

    Bonus link, Life Hacker’s favorite Free software.


  3. I still say that Apple intentionality leaves bugs in the PC version.

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