Lowest cost Android tablet on the market

Currently I would have to say that title belongs to the Nook.  Ya, ya…Barnes & Noble tells you it that it just an ebook reader, but it’s running a crippled version of Android that you can root pretty easily.

It’s pretty straightforward, and you can find just about everything you need at nookDevs. Once you are done, you can load multiple ebook readers, including B&N’s android app!

Downside, no camera and no Bluetooth.

Upside, no monthly service fees!

Disclaimer: In case this wasn’t obviously clear, rooting your Nook is not warranty friendly.


4 Responses

  1. I’m giving some thought to getting a Xoom. Thing is that I want Bluetooth…

  2. I wonder if this is related — B&N have announced some changes to the Nook to make it more tablet-like.

  3. A more radical option than rooting is installing Cyanogenmod. They have versions for the Nook, including 7, which is a modifed version of Gingerbread(Android 2.3). Supposedly it runs better than factory firmware, as it isn’t crippled with unnecessary crap like the OEMs use.

  4. You are a wise man, sir. I did end up installing Cyanogenmod 7. It does seem slightly confused that the Nook isn’t actually a cellular phone sometimes, but that just may because I haven’t upgraded Cyanogenmod lately.

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