Switchblade Drone

Nice bit of man portable UAV tech here. The Switchblade drone.  The drone and it’s launcher only weighs in at six pounds.  Not only can this UAV be used to spot the bad guy taking pot shots at you from the ridge line, it can be used to take him out as well.  Faster than calling in an airstrike from an Apache or an A-10, or hoping you are in range of  the platoon mortar team.

Check out the video over at Liveleaks.


3 Responses

  1. That’s interesting technology.

    Didn’t SJ Game’s “Ogre” state that the battlefield had been seeded with drones like this, explaining why there were no hidden movement rules?

  2. New arms race. Cheap, stealthy drones vs. the technology to shoot them down.

  3. It’s an intriguing weapon. Effectively, it’s like a light mortar with a camera on it. Presumably, if it’s not expended, it can land and be reused, although I’ve got to admit I wouldn’t like to walk up to one after touchdown.

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