Nifty gadget for laptop SD slot

A lot of laptops these days have a SD card slot, which is cool.  The form factor isn’t so cool if you want to leave it in the slot long term, since the card sticks out.  Too easy for it catch on something, and come out without you noticing or worse, muck up the slot.

Then I saw this cool gadget on Kickstarter.  The Nifty Mini-Drive.  You put in a Micro-SD card and it fits neatly in the SD slot.  I kicked in some cash to get one of the first run models for my Macbook Air.  Already picked up a 32Gig MicroSD card, so I’m just waiting for the NMD to arrive to get my geek on.  


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  1. here is a MiniDrive for the macbook for $6.00 |

    • Interesting. The actual cost to the consumer, according to your website is $20 plus shipping. The Nifty Mini-Drive is a bit more, but it is custom fitted for the type of MacBook you have. Given Apple’s target demographic, I think they would be willing to shell out another $20 bucks for the higher end model.

      On the other hand, said consumer can order your device now. The Nifty won’t be back in production until after they ship out the Kickstarter run.

  2. I don’t have a MacBook and I suspect the form factor is different from the netbooks I’ve used.

    Personally, I just leave an SD card (or more recently a Micro SD in an adapter) in the slot; I’ve never lost one out of the computer. Typically, they seem to be pretty well protected.

    • Ya, and you are about as gentle with gear as I am. OK, probably more so. I should be getting my Nifty Minidrive in the next few weeks. I’ll post my opinions once I’ve mucked with it. It’s cool, but probably not as cool as the Massive Traveller 5 Hardcover I bought through Kickstarter. Should be seeing that in a few weeks also.

      • New toys are always fun. I’ve got a Micro SD card and adapter for each laptop, and a batch file to synchronize the files I want to synchronize. Typically, I assume that my laptop will fail to start next time before I turn it off, so my critical files get backed up to the card.

        Normally the laptop is carried around in a case, and if the SD card falls out it’ll fall into the case somewhere.

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