Some up and coming MilTech

A couple of interesting MilTech items caught my eye.

First is a prototype “Ultra Light Vehicle” prototype. ¬†Only in the world of the DoD is a vehicle with a maximum curb weight of 14,000 pounds considered “ultralight.” ūüôā ¬† On the other hand, this is designed to be more blast resistant than an up-armored HumVee and less expensive than the much heavier MRAP.

This is a prototype, not a pre-production model, so it’s more of a rolling test bed. ¬†The hybrid drive is an interesting feature. ¬†Two electric motors, one in the front and one in the back, each capable of moving the vehicle. ¬†Nice survivability feature. ¬†It also has a diesel engine for charging the batteries, supplying power directly to the motors and powering the ton of other gadgets on this vehicle. ¬†Oh, and running quiet on the battery can be useful tactically as well.

The military is still looking at future concepts for individual armor for the War Fighter. ¬†Their current wish list looks a lot like some posts made on Sci.military before the “Endless September” hit UseNET. ¬† Note that these posts were made back in 1991. ¬†They are old enough to buy their own booze, as well as being made before a lot of American kids serving their country now were born.