Low Power FM Transmission

I decided to muck about with a low power private FM transmission. The goal was to pump my local and streaming music over an open FM frequency so I can listen on a radio, which I have several, including nice Bose Wave radios. The FM transmitter was just under $150 with shipping and taxes. This is a fairly easy to use model. I set the frequency, plugged in the input, and started listening.

I have it plugged into an old Sonos device (the Connect device, which has stereo output jacks). I had playlists with local and streaming music I could easily load and put in a looping random mix. An old smart phone or mp3 player with a mic/headphone jack and power supply would work also.

There is also a long wire antenna included in the package. The documentation clearly states that this is not for use in the United States, since it would boost your range well past the 300 feet allowed by the federal government.


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