‘blood pharming’ machine

Darpa is looking for a device to produce a steady supply of universal donor red blood cells.  They want to be able to produce ready-to-be-infused Red Blood Cell packets for use near the battlefield.

DARPA has awarded a $1.95 million contract to Arteriocyte, a Cleveland company that’s experimenting with a technology developed at Johns Hopkins that enables the rapid expansion of umbilical cord blood. The company wants to adapt it to a manufacturing technology that will feed the military’s thirst for universal donor red blood units. The technology, called Nanex, uses a nanofiber-based structure that mimics bone marrow in which blood cells multiply, according to the company.

Flying Cars!

Ok, ok…flying cars has been around since the 1960s. 

This time, Darpa is getting involved.  They want one that is useful for military needs,  a two-to-four passenger vehicle that can “drive on roads” one minute, and take off like a helicopter the next. 

This project is the very early, looking for proposals, stage.  So don’t expect your flying car soon. Personally, I operating on the theory that this is the 21st Century, and I want my flying cars, moonbase and all the other cool toys were supposed have by now!

At least we have Flaming Rocket Balls!