Linux Phone

Here is the Neo Freerunner, running openmoko.

Update: It’s a GSM device.

3 Responses

  1. I can’t seem to find a price on it – have you seen one?

  2. Well, the site lists a single outlet the in the US, and that is one the left coast. My guess would be that these things are still extremely rare in the wild, and the company is currently looking to sell more development kits than actual phones.

    It is however supposed to be a valid, working cell phone with a LINUX OS.

    I haven’t seen any running Android out there yet. My guess would be that we will be seeing unlocked phones running LINUX before Android.

  3. […] 2008 by markurbin Perhaps the Google Android team is getting a bit nervous, with actual working LINUX based smart phones on the horizon.  Or it could be that iPhones are still selling like they were coated with crack and that Best Buy […]

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