A Good etext reader for the iPhone

It’s called Bookshelf, and yes, it costs money. I found it worth the $10

It supports a wide range of formats including ASCII text, HTML, AportisDoc, unencrypted Mobipocket, rft & Word Docs (not docx).

I can access my Baen webscription account from it and download books directly as well as tapping their free etext library.

There is also a Java app that you can load on your computer in order to load books you already have from other sources.

So far, I’m really pleased.  A good move by Baen to support this, since Mobipocket has been very quiet about exactly when they were going to produce an iPhone app.


4 Responses

  1. Hmm, considering that Apple pulled alot of third party apps right around the release of the second gen Iphone, and thier apparent indifference to the fact that all the e-book software availble was horrible at best.. I wonder what got Apple to allow a decent piece of third party software that was actually usable on iTunes?

    Perhaps, they’re paying closer attention to customer complaints now than they’ve previously let on.

  2. There actually was an OK ebook reader. The problem was that it was limited to books sold by ereader.com.

    A free app, but you had to pay for books.
    They also had some public domain stuff. I’ve been reading Tarzan of the Apes, the ereader app is nice.

    My main problem with it was that I couldn’t use for all the ebooks I already had. Bookshelf solved that problem.

  3. Mark you might want to look at Chris Byrnes blog – he’s doing an extensive post on connectivity, and goes into the nitty gritty on VOIP, Satphones, GSMvs.CDMA, coverage, etc. It’s an interesting read.

  4. […] The announcement said that the iPad will run iPhone/iTouch apps, so you can load the Amazon Kindle app and read books from Amazon, as well as e-reader apps like Stanza and Bookshelf. […]

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