Even more American electric cars in the pipeline

Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge are working to get electic cars to market.  It looks like Chevy is going to beat to the market with the Volt though.

These new entries are still “Concept Cars,” so I’m taking their “late 2010” release date with a chunk of salt.

Keep in mind that introducing a lot of plug in hybrids or pure electric cars into the market is either going to require new sources of power (home based cheap solar and industrial scale Nuclear for example) or some serious inovations in electrical grid management.


4 Responses

  1. I think in the long run, the real application for Electric cars is small commuter cars – battteries aren’t going to get orders of magnitude better or cheaper. Another idea is to build small cheap Hydrogen powered cars, and then buy a Small solar powered electrolyser to produce the gas. When you get home, top off the the tank..

  2. I agree on pure electrics are best suited for local and short commuter applications.

    I love the hydrogen idea, but its not ready for production in the same time frame as the Volt for example.

    Hydrogen has multiple issues, including storage and transfer from tank to vehicle.

    It’s a good solution to the “solar power is only available during the day when the car is out of the garage” problem, but we probably won’t see a viable solution for at least five to ten years.

  3. Yeah, in the long run, I think Hydrogen has a better future, For one thing, the problems are more technical niggling(designing a better fueling setup) than basic engineering headaches of the Electric car.

    and 5 to 10 years is wildly optimistic, I think. More like 10-20. I worked in exotic manufacturing and the lead time for devlopment of basic components is at the minimum 6 months to 2 years. Here you’re talking about a complex system.

    Honestly, the best setup would include fueling for not only Hydrogen, but a built in electrolizer with a water hookup and power(perfect for parking lots, motels, etc) for “trickle fueling” overnight.

  4. Pure electric cars have a limited market until recharging stations become as common as gas stations and the recharge time goes down drastically.

    You are correct about hydrogen and related technologies like fuel cells.

    I threw out the 5-10 year comment because there are those who say there shouldn’t be any additional domestic drilling for oil because we wouldn’t see the oil at the gas pump for 5 to 10 years.

    Instead they say we should spend time and money on technologies that will take even longer to develop.

    Personally, I say drill now to keep things running until the new tech is street ready.

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