Business card sized web server

Ok, it’s a little thicker, but still way cool.  Tiny web server aren’t that new.  I remember seeing webservers that fit in a matchbox years ago.

The fact that you can etch this board yourself and that it uses a SD card instead of eeprom is slick.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, the electronic hobbiest set has latched onto the possibilities offfered by the likes of SD cards, and CF cards(which have the advantage of being recognized as harddrives). Heck, the likes of Soekris and Routerboard are making coin selling boards that use these cards for those wanting to build their own wifi routers.

    As for etching it yourself, you can, but when you can get a board done cheap and shipped to you within a week from one of the Chinese or Eastern European board houses, why bother?

  2. Good point about the etching.

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