Windows7 Beta

I have the BETA version of Windows7 running on my old Dell desktop.

Not too shabby, and the response time is as good as it was running XP.

The one glitch so far is no Window7 driver for my old sound card.  I’ve only installed Firefox so far.  I’m using it now to post this and do some twittering.   Open Office has to wait till tomorrow.


5 Responses

  1. You’re not the first beta tester to note that 7 is a significant improvement over the abomination that is Vista. It seems that Microsoft got the message..

  2. What I’ve read is that the Windows7 team was tasked with removing unnecessary code. A few lines here and there, removed by everyone touching the OS code really adds up.

    So I could see running Windows7 on this old system. It’s running about as quickly as XP did. Vista would be a non-starter.

    The only real problem I’m seeing now is lack of Vista/W7 level drivers for my old sound card. If I really wanted to, I could pick up a sub-$100 soundcard and fix that problem.

  3. That’s very encouraging!

    The nicest thing about VISTA (IMHO) is the new DOS command “ROBOCOPY.” It’s a remarkably powerful copy command.

    Could I ask you to start a command window and see if it made it into Windows 7?

  4. It’s still there.

  5. Then there is joy on Earth, and all is well with her people.

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