Sound and Printing

For just shy of $45, including tax, I have Windows7 producing actual sound.  Listening to unencrypted MP3s (the way music should be formated).  All it took was a new sound card and a set of cheap speakers.  (my Bose Companion 5 speakers are hooked up to my main system).

Getting my Samsung color laser printer running easier.  I just plugged it in.  Windows7 tracked down the correct drivers online and autoinstalled them.

OpenOffice installed cleanly, So I have basic Office software functionality, music, and printing on an old hardware platform that would have been unusable running Vista.  This speaks well of the focused effort to cut unneeded code out of Windows7.

So far I’m just running a weather and system resources widget.  Any suggestions for useful widgets?

Windows7 Beta

I have the BETA version of Windows7 running on my old Dell desktop.

Not too shabby, and the response time is as good as it was running XP.

The one glitch so far is no Window7 driver for my old sound card.  I’ve only installed Firefox so far.  I’m using it now to post this and do some twittering.   Open Office has to wait till tomorrow.