Microsoft to repeat a Vista mistake in Windows7

One of the serious problems with Vista was the half dozen plus versions.  That caused market confusion as well as code bloat, since every version had the same code with features locked out in the lower end versions.

It looks like nobody has explained exactly what is wrong with this to the marketing folks at Microsoft because they are about to repeat the same mistake with Windows7.


3 Responses

  1. One of these days, Microsoft is gonna realize that they can make a lot of money by selling OS’s with most of the bloat stripped out.

    Course’, I’m not holding my breath waiting for that day.

  2. Well this time around, Microsoft is releasing only 3 versions of Windows 7:
    1. Windows 7 Home Premium
    2. Windows 7 Professional
    3. Windows 7 Ultimate

    All 3 have clearly demarcated differences, which should not be as tough as it was with Windows Vista. You may want to see the details at the link below:

  3. Ahhh…someone in Microsoft Marketing caught a clue and cut back on the number of versions from what they had originally planned.

    They still are selling Home Basic, but not in the US. They also have a “Starter edition” for the netbook market.

    It looks like they have ditched the “Enterprise” edition, but still have four US editions.

    It will be interesting to see how many people will end up paying the extra $100 for the Professional edition in order to get the XP compatability.

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