Microsoft rumored to announce their own smartphone

Microsoft has been in the smartphone business for a while, but only as a software vendor with their WinCE OS (ok, so Microsoft calls it “Windows Mobile” now, but the WinCE name is so descriptive).  

There are rumors circulating that Microsoft will be announcing their own smartphone hardware.

Microsoft already produces hardware, the Zune being the closest to what they need for a smartphone platform.  How the current hardware vendors who sell phones with the Microsoft smart phone OS will react to Microsoft starting to compete with them in the hardware arena.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t think they actually produce their own hardware – The Zune hardware was actually made by Toshiba.

    Expect Microsott to talk to the likes of LG, HTC, or one of the other smartphone makers to get the “zunephone”. It might even be a simple rebranding of existing hardware with custom software/firmware by Microsoft.

  2. That’s a kind of greedy…. but iam very pesimistic it will be successful in market

    • Dude, this is Microsoft we’re talking about. Of course they are in it for the money. They need to open up into new markets. A Microsoft branded smart phone doesn’t have to be best in class, it just needs to sell enough to be profitable and get them a foot hold in the market.

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