A Nuclear Power comeback

Some good news from USA Today, utilities are starting the process to build twentysix new Nuclear Power plants here in the United States.

A recent Gallup Poll shows a record 59% of Americans favor nuclear energy.

Dr. Pournelle nailed the truth of Nuclear Engergy:

I have to say it again: cheap energy will cause a boom. The only cheap energy I know of is nuclear. Three Hundred Billion bucks in nuclear power will do wonders for the economy. We build 100 1000 MegaWatt nuclear power plants — they will cost no more than 2 billion each and my guess is that the average cost will be closer to 1 billion each (that is the first one costs about 20 billion and the 100th costs about 800 million). The rest of the money goes to prizes and X projects to convert electricity into mobility.

Expanded Nuclear Power is the only practical way to supply the level of electrical power needed to support wide spread use of electric and plug in hybrid electric cars.

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  2. CANDU and Pebblebeds.

    The other thing we should be putting money into is fixing AND upgrading our electrical infrastructure. Most of it is severely dated, and electrical problems are becoming more common because of it. What good is power, if you can’t deliver it?

  3. Both are opposed by the “Green” movement. Write your congressional representatives.

    Personally, I’m with you. The US can become pretty much energy independent with Nuclear power and improved battery technology. If the feds gave Tesla the money they have GM, there would be a boom in electric cars to use the cheap electricity produced by Nuclear power.

  4. Maybe you should rethink the whole article?

  5. Didn’t take long for the watermelons to come out of the woodwork.

    Let’s review the facts of the matter, the nuclear power plant safety systems *survived the 8.9 magnitude earthquake*.

    That is worth repeating. The nuclear power plant safety systems still functioned after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

    It took an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, closely followed by a major tsunami to take them out.

    Meanwhile, in California, dozens of people are killed by a natural gas explosion because the gas company can’t keep track of the type of pipe they have buried.

    Avoid building your nuclear power plants on a coastal fault line (which really isn’t much of an option for Japan) and you are good to go.

    A natural gas powered electrical station subject to an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a major tsunami would still be burning. A coal fired plant would be a very large crater with a very large death toll. Coal dust is more dangerous than gasoline fumes and there are large amounts of that easy to set off material present.

    That Japanese nuclear plants have only vented radioactive steam 48 hours after the double hit of a 8.9 magnitude earth quake and a major tsunami is credit to the builders and the teams working to keep them contained.

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