Skype on the iPhone

So that rumor was true.  I downloaded the Skype app from the iTunes store.  It only works over the WiFi connection, so AT&T continues to get its blood money/minutes.

One feature that is missing is support of Bluetooth headsets. I want to talk to my Skype friends hands free using my Jabra headset.  Hopefully the folks at Skype will have that fixed in the next version.


2 Responses

  1. So it only works over AT&Ts 3G network, and not over 802.11?

    That sucks.

  2. Other way around. The Skype connection works over the WiFi, not the AT&T network. AT&T wants their minutes being used.

    Expect a hack for jailbroke phones to get around this.

    The Skype on the iPhone actually works very well. When I use Skype from my desktop, the mic on my USB headset picks up all sorts of background noise. Not an issue when using Skype on the iPhone sitting in the same chair.

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