Bringing another over to the Dark Side

My brother just bought a shiny new iPhone 3GS.  He had a smart phone, but didn’t like it. The User Experience on that phone just plain sucked.  It wasn’t  just that the phone used the Microsoft WINCE OS, although that is a damn good start for a poor user experience, the had the nasty habit of randomly dialing from his pocket, and loading apps or ending his call while using it as a phone because it thought his ear was the phone’s stylus.

Now, as Leo Leoporte said a few weeks ago, using Apple products is like living in Mussolini’s Italy.   Ya, the trains run on time, but there is some nasty stuff going on to make that happen.  The iPhone UI is second to none for a smart phone, but crap like blocking the Google Voice app and limiting desktop access to iTunes ensures that a good chunk of their user base will switch as soon as a more open alternative has 60% or more of their functionality and a slick user interface (can you say Android kiddies?).

Well, Android isn’t there yet, so I’m still sticking with my iPhone, especially since the camera on it is greatly improved.  I’ve seen posts by multiple professional photographers who have stopped carrying a “pocket camera” all the time, because they think their iPhone is “good enough.”

Here is my entry for a damn good iPhone photograph.


5 Responses

  1. They should have called it “Apple Refusal Process” 🙂

  2. Ya, Apple fascism has a bright and shiny smiley face. 🙂

    They make no qualms or apologies for their locked down tight platforms and the free market is rewarding their business model.

    Apple should be a bit nervous about Google Voice. It’s a slick app, not perfect, but useful. I would prefer to have it on my google apps account, instead of a account though.

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  4. One of the more entertaining apps for the Iphone is rotary dial touch screen.. It’s kinda ironic.. Next they’ll be a text messaging app that consists of a simulated telegraph key, that translates the tapped out Morse code into text messages.. 🙂

    What’s really needed is the Cell phones need to go the way of Phone Service/Internet service – Service providers being separate from the hardware manufacturers, like Europe has largely done.

  5. Damn you! I had to go out get that rotary dial app!

    You are spot on about how service providers need to be separate from hardware providers.

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